Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lou Piniella - MOTO

Some of the pearls of wisdom that issued from the mouth of Sweet Lou during ALCS Game 1:

Lou on Joe Blanton: "He's a pitcher!"

Lou on Rickey Henderson: "He's the greatest leadoff hitter ever!" (this comment immediately followed Thom Brenneman's observation that Henderson was the greatest leadoff hitter in MLB history.)

Lou on Dave Duncan: "He's really helped [the Cardinals]."

Sweet Lou may be a kick-ass manager, but as a descriptive commentator he's out of his depth in a puddle. Stick to analyzing managerial moves, like Milton Bradley taking off for third down by 5 runs in the eighth. Leave the elaboration to those who completed grade school.

For the love of God, please please please please please please PLEASE don't team this Master of the Obvious with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to call the World Series. My head might explode like a FEMBOT.

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