Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cards/Mets - Game 6


Seemed more mature than [expletive deleted].

Because I have no where else to turn, I'm blaming this on Will Leitch. Hey, Will: 1's an aberration, 2's a coincidence, 3's a trend. 0-6? Stay the fuck out of Shea tomorrow. STAY OUT. I don't care if Aurora Snow invites you into her skybox for a private 'hide the wiener' show.

Just kidding, Will. Not blaming you. Stay the fuck out of Shea tomorrow.

Odds and ends from tonight's game:

- First inning killed the Cardinals. Maine was clearly nervous in the first half inning. Second and third with 1 out, then bases loaded with 2 out, couldn't get a run in. That, coupled with Reyes' HR, allowed the rook to settle down. Cardinals don't get another hit until Belliard's leading off the seventh.

- Bottom of the seventh inning was like being slowly bled to death. Spiezio ALMOST catches Tucker's dying quail. LaRussa guesses Tucker's stealing on a 2-2 count, Molina air mails the throw into CF. Eckstein makes a great stop of Reyes' grounder, no play. Reyes takes second on what should have been Defense Indifference. Looper almost hits Lo Duca with a 1-0 pitch, and, not wanting to face Beltran with the bases loaded, gives in enough to allow the 2 run single. Ball game.

- Second Guess Corner: Why hit for Carpenter in the seventh? He'd only thrown 76 pitches, and with Belliard at first and one out, it was a good bunt situation. If you're trying to make something happen, why not use your best pinch-hitter, Taguchi? I don't understand that move. Although had Duncan gone with the 1-2 pitch instead of trying to pull it, he might have singled to left. Or he could have hit into a 6-4-3 DP vice a 4-6-3 DP. Who the hell knows.

Oliver Perez to get the start tomorrow. Jeff Suppan on the bump for the Redbirds. Perez was shaky in his last start, and is going on short rest. St. Louis must, MUST jump ahead early tomorrow - get into his head, give Suppan a working margin, turn this game into another Game 3. They will have a good shot at winning in that scenario. If NY scores first, it just gets harder, like pushing a boulder uphill.

Not sure how much blogging will be done for the World Series should NY make the comeback. We'll see. However, I do expect the pitching to be Verlander Game 1, Rogers Game 2, Bonderman Game 3, Robertson Game 4. This sets up Rogers to feed off the home crowd twice if need be, and gives your most experienced fireballer the nod in Game 7 should it get there.

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