Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cards/Pads - Game 2

Why I like being on active duty, reason #6 - special liberty. Special liberty is a way for someone to get time off work for any reason, so long as your CO (commanding officer) approves it. So much more ethically satisfying than lying about being sick today and having to explain the sunburn tomorrow; instead, it's 'yeah I went skiing yesterday, you signed my chit. So what?'. Beautiful.

My buddy RW managed to get 4 tickets to Game 2. I submitted a Special Liberty chit (think memo with approval signatures) and got today off, allowing me and Mrs. Rant to join him and another friend at the ball park. A can't miss good time. And it didn't.

Some pictures you won't see on Sportscenter:

The View from our seats. How's that work day going?

Navy LEAPFROGS. Another bene of living in San Diego - steely eyed killers PARACHUTE into the stadium before big games. Note the precision landing, and shameless home team advertising. This guy's from StL and cried himself to sleep last night.

"Now Meester Poo-holes, I vill zimply ztretch the mussckle vor du. Dis von't hurt a bit. "

"Goddamn that guy. Every time he tries to touch me here."

Random thoughts from today's game:

- I hope whatever kool-aid pitcher Bochy drinks from gets shared with Grady Little, Willie Randolph, and the ALCS winning manager. You keep RIGHT ON pitching to AP. Never mind he's the only guy in the Cardinal lineup that can consistently hurt you.

- It's almost as if the Cardinals and Padres have switched the roles they were playing last week. The Padres can't hit, and they look like a bunch of little leaguers out there. Blum 'forgets' to cover second on a rundown? Walker 'can't' get the ball out of his glove to throw Edmonds out at first? Wow. I feel for Dave Roberts - although he got burned on Preston Wilson's double leading off the fourth, he looks like the only guy out there really laying it all on the line for the Padres. Of course, I hope SD continues to sleepwalk through Soup's start on Saturday. In the meantime, the Cards are getting solid pitching (ERA through 2 games: 0.50. That is not a typo), great defense (who knew Belly Lard had that kind of range?), and just enough clutch AP. Fantastic. A great 2 days to be a Cards fan in SD.

- Saturday's a day game. Cards now 39-19 with the sun up. Hey FOX Sports: Assuming the Cards close the Padres out this weekend, can all the NLCS games be afternoon starts? Can we start the World Series games in the mid-afternoon too? You want to bring the children back to the game, right? RIGHT?

More later this week. Rooting hard for Dodgers to pull off the miracle series victory vs. Mets.

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