Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cards/Tigers - Game 1

Yesterday a very good friend of my wife's got married in a simple ceremony at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach. I'd never been there, but the view of Mission Bay and downtown is pretty spectacular, so if your in God's Country I'd recommend it. Afterwards, about fifteen or so of us adjourned to a nice restaurant for dinner and drinks.

Seems pretty off the sports path, right? Why would I even mention it? Because as a result of this I missed Game 1. Initially the ceremony was to be at 1630 (4:30pm. All future times here will be military time, deal with it), then dinner, and I figured, well, there'll be a bar in the restaurant I can monitor, and at any rate, I'll see the end of the game. Except the event didn't start until 1800 (bride was late - couldn't find any shoes to match the dress, so she had to buy some), and we didn't start ordering dinner until 2000 (bride and groom took 1.5 hours to drive about 30 blocks. No further comment necessary). We didn't get home until 2230. Flaky people piss me off.

Which meant I saw the Tigers score their first run, and Rolen's HR in the second. I heard Duncan's RBI double in the third, and Edmonds' RBI single in the sixth, while in the car from one location to the other, but that was it. Which is why this column will be bereft of it's usual 'penetrating' analysis. But, when I found out what the final score was, I was quite pleased. Giddy, in fact. Or that could have been the wine and Remy Martin talking.

Anyway, as if to prove a thought strand from my last post, StL again showcased superior starting pitching. 8+ allowing 2 ER. Retired 17 straight hitters at one stretch. Well done, Anthony Reyes. Additionally, Rolen and Edmonds went 4-8 in this game with a HR, 2 RBI, and 3 R scored. If they've returned to even a semblance of the form they displayed 2 years ago during the regular season, this has suddenly become a very dangerous team. You can't pitch around AP if Edmonds and Rolen continually make you pay. Sweeps are created that way (although I will not be silly enough to float that possibility).

Life is much more manageable if you set small goals. Starting off with a goal of, "I want to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the 200 butterfly" may not be met because it's so lofty a goal, it's difficult to measure progress towards that goal. However, smaller goals to help you along the way keep you going: 'I want to have a AAA time in the 200 fly by the end of the year. I want to qualify for Senior Nationals in 2008'. That sort of thing.

The Cardinals exemplify that latter philosophy. Start by getting into the post-season, because anything can happen after that. Then win the NLDS. Then the NLCS. Then win one of the first two World Series Games in Detroit. Now's the time to up the ante. StL can cripple the Tigers with a win in Game 2. And, Jeff Weaver may indeed have a chip on his shoulder about proving something to his original franchise. He's pitched well in Coamerica once already this year (3 May loss when with Anaheim: 7 1/3 IP, 5 H, 2 ER), so why not do it again?

Looking forward to tonight's effort. Especially since the Jag-Hags knocked me out of my suicide pool today. Nice effort, bozos.

Lastly, to Mark: Thanks for the note and complement. Although not on your team, I do work with an elite group. Thanks for your service, which ensures my wife and son can live in peace and freedom.

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