Friday, October 20, 2006

And now, a rebuttal

Yes, today dawned a beautiful day. The sun was just a little bit warmer and friendlier than yesterday, a pleasant warming breeze coming off the desert to take the winter chill off the landscape one last time. Ah, a lazy Friday in God's Country, with St. Louis in the Fall Classic.

Then I read this.

And this.

[Anger rising.........tranquility disturbed........MUST..........RESPOND...........deep breath]

OK. Ready to rumble.

First, the Mets did not lose the NLCS. The Cardinals won it. Just like the Padres didn't lose the NLDS; the Cardinals won it. San Diego hit 2-32 with runners in scoring position. New York was what, 5-48? Under the Mendoza line, certainly. So 2 consecutive series where the opponent couldn't drive in a runner from second or third (or both). That's superior pitching, folks - of a kind I wouldn't have thought possible 3 weeks ago.

More pitching: Cardinal starters gave up 6 ER in the LDS (ERA 2.22), and 14 ER in the LCS (ERA 3.02). Additionally, the starters road ERA in the post-season is 2.82; home 2.61. Again, superior pitching. Superior pitching in the post-season will carry you a long way. Cardinals won both series vice the other team losing it.

Any talking head who decries the winner by saying 'the other team lost it' insults the effort of the winner. Cards won 4-3. They won 2 road games, including Game 7 - the franchise hadn't won a road Game 7 in 39 years (Gibson over Lonborg in the 1967 World Series). So respect the Mets. But even more so, respect the Cardinals.

Second: I am personally soooooo tired of AL teams from the NorthEast. My casual dislike for them has developed into a great hate. It's bad enough I have to suffer through every single Yankee/Red Sox game being broadcast on national TV (ESPN? NESN? what's the difference?), all the boo-hooing from fans of the teams with the 2 largest payrolls in the game, the A-Rod circus, Manny being Manny, blah blah blah. Now our league is constantly referred to as AAAA by the remaining Page 2 gasbag. Listen up, AL fans: if I want to watch a softball game I'll go down to the local rec center. Or better yet, I'll sign up and play in one. (I know your thumbs are well conditioned from all that PS2, gasbag; any idea how to swing a bat?)
Why would I want to watch a bunch of fat steroid-heads play HR derby? At least Bonds still plays the field.

All this from a guy who has ALREADY TURNED on the GM that led Boston to their only WS title since Wilson was President. Nice, jackass. I agree with a little constructive criticism, but the bile is just appalling.

Next thought: Who are the 'best' managers in the AL right now? Joe Torre (cut his teeth in the NL as a player/manager), and Jim Leyland (cut his managerial teeth in the NL).

Next thought: from 1960-1987 the AL won 4 All-Star games (1986, 1983, 1971, 1963). Based on the stars in the AL over that span, I don't think anyone would refer to them as AAAA. NL currently has stars of similar wattage. Perhaps the current AL run of success in that event is more due to the cyclic nature of life? Or luck (two
blown saves by two of the best relievers of this generation, Gagne and Hoffman)?

Next thought: any comparison of World Series victories is always skewed by Yankee success. AL teams have won 60 of the 101 WS played. Take out the most successful AL (Yankees) and NL (Cardinals) team, the numbers drop to 34 (AL) and 32 (NL). Lotta parity there, eh? And despite winning the last two, AL vs NL is only 3-2 in the WS since 2000. Yeah, NL is a bush league all right.

I want StL to win because I've been a fan of this team since I first learned to read a box score, so I have a biased opinion. But for all of you fans of the National League: Detroit is a great story. However, you follow BASEBALL. Searching for someone to back tomorrow? Back your league. I know this is hard for Dodger and Padres fans, and especially painful for Mets fans, but aren't
you tired of the constant sniping at this league?

And for the Page 2 Gasbag: See below.

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Anonymous said...

I'm from STL and a friend of Matt Ufford. We were drinking buddies at Armor OBC together at Ft. Knox and also were both in the invasion for OIF I (although we never got to meet up before he got to leave). I don't know exactly how you know Matt, but if it was from TBS; Doug Finn and Brian McPhilips were also in our Platoon. Just a little background, not that it matters to you. I'll be pulling for the Cards like you. I used to love reading Bill Simmons. I'm almost at the point that I don't want to read his arrogant bullshit anymore and am thinking that if I don't click on his column he'll get less traffic; doing my part to get him fired. But I've been taking this same approach to Scoop Jackson to no avail. :) Anyway, I'll keep reading. It's nice to read an intelligent fan who I can side with. All the best,