Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cards/Mets - Game 5

I can't take this. No more. God Damn these guys. Why? Because I'm back on the bandwagon full speed now. I've been cautiously optimistic this post-season, especially after a horrendus regular season. Pujols' oblique. Edmonds' concussion. Mulder's arm falls off. Izzy turns into the Tin Man from the waist down. Sidney Ponson. Jason Marquis losing 13 of his last 16 decisions. Eckstein's oblique/hamstring. Thompson can't get anyone out. Molina, the double play machine. Rolen's shoulder strength deserts him. Two 8-game losing streaks. 1-9 against AL teams not named 'Kansas City'. The 'end of the season debacle' that almost was.

But now, they've given me hope. I'm starting to believe the Cardinals are the team of destiny this season, not Detroit; how else to explain the resurgence of Weaver, the suddenly rock solid bullpen (less Thompson and Hancock), the rest of the lineup picking up AP's tender hamstring?

I've got the same euphoric feeling I had after AP's bomb left Ten-Run last October. The belief that we've got this thing won now. We beat their best. They're running scared. I had those hopes dashed last year. I don't know if I can handle that again this time.

This marks the fifth time the Cardinals have won 3 games in a 7 game series since their last World Championship. Three of the previous 4 times they've lost the series (1985, 1987 World Series; 1996 NLCS). You've come this far, you can't stop now. Win that fourth game. Send the arrogant Mets packing. Send Fox brass into convulsions. Send me to bed happy.

I don't care what happens in the World Series. Winning it all is beyond our wildest expectations, so let's just keep that crazy thought out there, shall we? But I want to get there now. This team probably won't look the same next season (Edmonds, Mulder, Suppan, Marquis, maybe Rolen, maybe Izzy, moving on?). I want another crack with this group. I want to avenge that egg we laid in 2004. I want to see my NL team, hell any NL team, win a World Series game. Especially I want to see Carpenter pitch on the biggest stage.

So close them out tomorrow.

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