Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cards/Mets - Game 3

Yep, skipped right over last night's game - although there is a reference to it here. I had hoped the Redbirds would be in this position after 3 games, but didn't really expect it. Playing with house money is fun, isn't it?

Wouldn't it figure that the worst Cardinal team this millenium (in terms of won/loss record) would be one that makes it into the World Series?

Comments from tonight's extravaganza:

- What's with the random facts about players? Endy Chavez's brother's name? Shawn Green's favorite childhood book? Scott Spiezio headlines a garage band...actually that would partially explain that unbelieveably gay thing he has growing on his face. The only thing gayer is Inge's (Nice landing strip, douche). Stick to the germane statistics. 'My favorite book is Curious George Goes To The Hospital' is only mildly interesting when the player is 12 years old or younger. And even then only to his/her relatives, who probably already know that. As for me, I don't care.

- Can we finally establish that the Cardinals can't hit left-handed starting or long relief pitching? Wells (5 IP, 2 ER), Glavine (7 IP, 0 ER), Oliver (6 IP, 0 ER). 18 innings, 2 runs. This is why other teams sign any non-comatose leftie and rush him to the mound when the Cards come to town, because the Cardinals can't hit them. Cardinals can never hit these guys. I know historically this is true, I just don't have the Elias stats book to back it up. Think Randolph wishes he'd started Oliver tonight? Don't think I expect Perez (3-13. THREE AND THIRTEEN and he gets the Game 4 start. Wow) to throw 6 shutout innings tomorrow? You bet I do. I will need more booze for tomorrow's game. Lots more.

- Rolen looked good tonight. Maybe LaRussa was playing a mind game with him last night. He played with a chip on the bad shoulder tonight, and played well.

- Until the 9th, I thought they were playing that game in a mausoleum. These are the greatest fans in baseball? More like the quietest fans in baseball. What the hell? Good God, conventions for mimes have more sound (From what I've heard. Second-hand. And we kicked his ass afterwards for bringing it up. How 'bout dem Bears?). You could hear McCarver's train of thought the entire game, which is never a good thing.

I've worn the same 'Retire #51' shirt last night and tonight. This shirt won't be washed again until the Cardinals' season is over. Hopefully that's around Halloween.

Here's hoping Reyes vs. ChiSox shows up tomorrow, not Reyes vs. Brewers.

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