Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cardinals win; AP removed in fourth

A quick post today - I have the duty again, so I'm on my way to turn over and take it. Looks like it was a little soggy in the Nation's Capital last night, although the team jumped on Washington early and held on for a 6-1 win.

AP was taken out in the fourth for a pinch runner; the Post-Dispatch reported the reason as tightness in his leg, but no additional amplifying information was provided. Hopefully it wasn't serious. The ESPN ticker made it seem like he was hit by a pitch and that was the reason he left the game (shoulder is what they actually reported), but that doesn't appear to be true this morning.

Cubs beat San Diego 9-6. Some quick comments from the little bit of that game I watched:

Jason Marquis still sucks. He walked at least 5 and hit a batter in 5 innings of work. At one point in the fourth, Lou Piniella came out to the mound (after he walked McAnulty on 5 pitches) and chewed his ass. I'm not a lip reader, but it looked like Lou told him "I'll take you out now if you want to f***ing quit. OK." That's not a joke - that's what it looked like.

Chicago leads the league in on base percentage for a reason. They had baserunners all over the place last night. They could have scored a lot more than 9 runs.

The Padres had one look at this game - only it was the eighth inning, and Chicago had a 9-3 lead by that time. San Diego loaded the bases with 1 out. Tony Clark walked to drive in a run. Jody Gerut singled another. Tadahito Iguchi hit into a 6-4 force to drive in a third. So, with runners on the corners, Brian Giles stepped in as the tying run. Adrain Gonzalez loomed on deck.

Brian worked the count to 3-2, then TOOK a fastball RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE for strike three. I ask you: What pitch could you possibly be looking for in that situation that you would take a thigh-high fastball right down broadway?

Yeesh. Cubs have won 9 straight.


Cardinal70 said...

The Cubs have to start losing sometime, don't they? I just fear that they'll lose some games while the Cards are swooning, so they can't make up the gap.

Mike said...

They'll lose again. It's just not going to be until after they leave San Diego.