Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Can't Win If You Don't Score II

Same story as last night - little run support, great start, bullpen gives up the lead. 3-2 loss.

It's frustrating, as the Cubs have dropped 2 in Tampa to the Rays. As a side note, James Shields is on my fantasy team, and pitches today against Chicago, all but guaranteeing the Cubs will win.

Kyle McClellan had given up only 2 HR in 35 and 2/3 innings going into last night. As the Cardinals only gave him 2 runs to work with, it's hard to lay the blame on the bullpen; but it is frustrating to watch, especially considering the Royals hadn't won in 37 tries when trailing after 7.

And Brian Bannister hadn't won a night game since Aug 2007.

So on to today. I was pumped for Reyes' start, only to learn he's on the DL with an 'irritated elbow'. Odd that the team would announce him as the starter then place him on the DL. Anthony Reyes' strange trip through Cardinal land continues. Brad Thompson takes the hill in his place against arguably the best Royals starter this season, Zach Greinke.

We gotta salvage one.

I hate to give credence to any blather about the AL being better than the NL, but when the worst team in the American League is 6-2 against the National, like the Royals currently are, you got to wonder.

I'll be posting over at C70 at the bat starting tomorrow morning through next week; stop by and see me there. There will still be content here, if you just can't live without your daily Stance fix. It's like Starbucks, but without the Borg-like business model, smarmy attendants, and shitty coffee.

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