Monday, June 16, 2008

Out For A Little Bit

The Mrs has strep, so I'm minding the kids today as she recovers. Actually watching them this weekend was much like the Cardinals series with Philadelphia - the kids run roughshod over you, then you wrest control from them, but inevitably someone gets hurt and the Tylenol and ice cubes come out.

Thankfully no one here at the homestead has maimed themselves as badly as Molina appeared to get hurt yesterday.

Anyways, short post. And those remembering the Royals' recent 12-game losing streak, that's a thing of the past; the team is hot, and Jose Guillen is tearing the cover off the ball right now.

I know, because he's on my wife's fantasy team. Which is in second. I currently languish in sixth. That explains why there haven't been many fantasy baseball posts this season.

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