Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You Can't Win If You Don't Score

So the boys lost 2-1 to KC. Saw only the highlights on ESPN. Nice catch by Schumaker to end the sixth.

Then they got to Aviles' HR that ultimately won the game. He hit it in the eighth...OFF VILLONE! My favorite whipping boy! AARGH!

Why does LaRussa insist on pitching this clown in close games?

Well, here's why: Villone's actually pitched pretty well this season. Aside from 2 bad outings against Pittsburgh last month (May 13 and 15, 7ER in 2 and 2/3 innings), and his 6 ER effort in the 20-2 bludgeoning the Phillies administered last Friday, he's pitched well. He has 6 holds. He's not been as bad as his ERA would indicate.

And ultimately, losing a game 2-1 isn't the pitching staff's fault; it's very hard to win when you only score one run.

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