Monday, June 09, 2008

Gifts are Always Welcome

Nothing like getting a game gift-wrapped for you by the opposing defense. A big West Coast "Thank You" to Ty Wigginton and Michael (don't call me Jason) Bourn; their miscues directly led to the Cardinals winning this game.

Cardinals have won both series on this road trip, and have a well-deserved off-day today before starting 3 in Cincinnati. St Louis will miss Cincinnati's two best starters (Harang and Volquez) in this series, but get previously hyped Homer Bailey in the opener, followed by Cueto and the always tough Bronson Arroyo. The Reds, who have shown improvement recently (especially after the callup of Jay Bruce), are still 4 games under and 10 back of the division leading Cubs.

Speaking of the Cubs, I was beginning to wonder if they would ever lose again, until Maddux pitched against them last Wednesday here in SD; since that game they've gone 2-3, having split 4 in LA over the weekend. As the week starts, the Cardinals are 2.5 games back of the Cubs, at 38-27.

You know MLB is rooting for the Cubs (and to a lesser extent, the Red Sox) when the lead story on their site today is "Cubs, Red Sox first to 40 wins". Who cares? That's not even a metric that holds water for the playoffs.

Mitchell Boggs gets the start tomorrow, I believe it's his ML debut. So much for Reyes being called up to take Parisi's spot in the rotation.

Enjoy the off-day. After the Cincinnati series, we begin anew the nonsense that is interleague play.


Cardinal John said...

While I'll be the first to acknowledge the significance of the number 40 in Biblical terms--it holds nothing for baseball. You're right, Mike, the bias is pretty nauseating.

Cardinal70 said...

It's a story, and MLB wants to get as many fans interested as possible. The casual person knows those teams, so it's not too surprising that they push that.

And I agree entirely with you, Mike, about interleague play.