Friday, June 06, 2008

Split Decision

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I have an off-site class on Thursday mornings, so it's tough; when I have to turn over the duty and then run to class, it's impossible. But, since the weather washed out Wednesday's game, no harm done.

Cardinals worked a split of the double-dip yesterday, winning 4-1 in the opener and dropping a heartbreaker 10-9 in the nightcap.

It's been said elsewhere, but boy were we wrong about Wellemeyer. He's turned out to be a legitimate major league starter. Once Carpenter gets back on the bump I'd slot Wellemeyer as the #3 on the staff, although he's pitching as well as anyone on the club right now.

Parisi? Not ready to start at this level. I think, after watching him get hammered in two starts (even before the Cardinals defense started leaking last night), that's obvious. Give the team a lot of credit for fighting out of the 7-0 hole they dug to tie the game in the ninth and be in position to win in the tenth. Other cool things from yesterday's games:

- AP homers as a pinch hitter. First time he's done that.
- Glaus homers in each game. Does this mean the power outage is over? Let's hope so.
- Congratulations to Mark Worrell on his ML debut. What better way to cap that off then by hitting a 3-R HR in his first plate appearance. If it was me, I'd replay that at bat every 5 June for the rest of my life (or until my wife burned the tape).

Couple of things to ponder as we go to the weekend:

- Joe Strauss reports a roster move is in the offing after the significant work the bullpen did yesterday. Since the Cardinals also need a #5 starter, could Reyes be on his way back to the big club? If not Anthony, who's most likely to come up?

- Assuming Matt Clement's rehab goes according to form, who does he knock out of the rotation when he debuts in July? My money's on Piniero for now.

- Why do clubs insist on the day/night doubleheader (actually I already know the answer to that one)? Isn't an actual double header better for all involved (players, fans, worker bees, the like)?

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