Monday, December 18, 2006

Odds and Ends

Well we are rapidly winding down on the current year. As such, many people like to tie their yearly loose ends up in a nice tidy package . . . so as to clear some room for the next year's drama. Although I've got at least 3 more posts for this year (I can hear the sound of one hand clapping in anticipation of those 3 brillantly constructed columns), this is the 'tidy up' post.

1. If you're waiting for Part 5 of the 2007 Free Agency Preview, you are a silly, silly man. There's not going to be a final post. I intended to do it on the bench, but Spiezio re-signed early on, Miles re-upped at the deadline for tendering an offer, Taguchi was offered a contract, and they have lots of minor league help to fill out the bench. Hey look, I just did it. And it wasn't my usual 1000 words diatribe.

2. My running salary for the 2007 Cards last stood at $101.6M. I need to add Springer's $1.75M contract, up Miles' number from $750K to a cool million, and subtract my projected Payton $4.5M number. So, after the heavy math, the running salary tab stands at $99.1M. And they are still trying to sign another starting pitcher. Why were you just bored with that? Because my OCD control meds aren't working tonight.

3. 34-16 Colts, 3:48 to play. Only a Cincinnati team could come into Indy, against the 41st best rushing defense in the NFL, and score 1 touchdown. Once a Bungle, always a Bungle. I look forward to tomorrow's police blotter after this loss, which puts a severe dent in their playoff hopes.

4. Big Daddy Drew answered my mail question! That's a brush with greatness as far as I'm concerned, like getting published if you're a serious academic. Then BDD let it slip that he 'only' got 24 questions. He posted (and answered) 20. Well, at least my question wasn't one of the 4 that were incoherent, written by a first grader, or over-used the word paradigm. Losers.

5. I can't believe no one was compelled to comment on my McGwire rant. I thought it was pretty good. I got comments when I disparaged Adrian Beltre, fer Cris' sakes. I guess everyone out there agrees with me. Who Knew?

This blog updates on Mondays and Thursdays, but it's late Monday and Thursday (after work, entertaining the 5-month old, dinner, dishes, laundry, bills, fish maintenance, lawn bowling, lawn darts, batting cage trip, putting child to bed, hot naked monkey sex..... you get the picture), so it actually shows up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Just like Bill Simmons. But I'm 100% random friend cameo free and somewhat funny. So keep coming back, ya hear?

And now, to end on a high note:
Top 10 Christmas Carols For the Disturbed:

10. Schizophrenia - "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
9. Multiple Personality Disorder - "We Three Kings Disoriented Are"
8. Borderline Personality Disorder - "Thoughts Of Roasting On an Open Fire"
7. Personality Disorder - "You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, I Might Tell You Why"
6. Attention Deficit Disorder - "Silent Night, Holy oooh look at the Froggy - can I have a chocolate, why is France so far away?"

Rest of the list Thursday.

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