Monday, December 11, 2006

Free Agency update

News and notes from the last 3 days in the baseball world:

- Cards sign RP Russ Springer to a 1-yr, $1.75M deal. Whatever.

- OF Jay Payton signs with Baltimore for 2-yr, $9.5M. This is slightly less than I predicted, but within 10% of my guess. We will take a short break while I pat myself on the back.

- SP Jason Marquis [snicker] has reportedly signed [mmph] with the Cubs for 3 yr, $28M [ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha]. I can only hope it's to help Lou Piniella steal signs or something from the World Champs (Lou grew up with La Russa so I'm sure it's not so Lou can learn what makes the man tick), because if they really signed that quack to solidify their rotation, oh boy. Of course with our luck Marquis will be 11-15 with a 4.67 ERA next season, but 4-0 with a 1.76 ERA against the Cards.

The Cards now have a real glut of relief pitching - everyone from 2006 is back, and Jocketty's added Rincon and Springer. Expect two of the relievers with starting pitching experience to move into the rotation. That definitely means Wainwright is the #3 or 4 starter next season (depending on where one believes Kip Wells fits).

But who's the other guy?

Brad Thompson? Drafted as a starter, switched to RP to get to the big club faster, had a great 2005 out of the pen but was spectacularly hittable last season.

Jorge Sosa? He gave up 30 HR in 79 IP last year. He'd probably spend most of the season on the DL with neck spasms from watching the ball rapidly leave the yard.

Chris Narveson? 1 ML start (lost @ Houston 22 Sep) in place of Mark Mulder. Hell let the kid compete for the #5 spot in spring training, let's see what he's got.

Braden Looper? [cough]......... Sorry I just choked on a piece of cake. I'll be alright in a minute. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah.

So, that leaves the Cardinals with a starting staff comprised of one proven winner, one (possibly two) reclamation projects, one enigma, and one (possibly two) guys embarking on their maiden season as a full-time starter in the bigs. Eighty-three wins might be a victory for this group.

C'mon Jeff Weaver - listen to the voice in your head instead of the Scott Boras devil on your shoulder. Re-sign.

And how bad has it gotten that I'm rooting for JEFF WEAVER to re-up with the club?

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alexfritz said...

I vote for Narveson. Let's see what he's got. Better than Looper, no?