Thursday, December 28, 2006

"...and no man is worth more than $12.50."

That's a fraction of a quote I attribute to the late Dan Quisenberry - one of the more cerebral pitchers of recent times (see quotes at the bottom of the link). More on that later.

My wife bought me a new DeMarini F3 for Christmas - nnniiiiiccccccceeeeeeeee. I'll be terrorizing slo pitch leagues in 2007 with that monster. If you want a lightly used, well-loved 2004 F2 let me know. It can be had for the price is right.

Suppan is on the Brewers - 4 years, $42 Mil. Good for him. But I thought he was holding out to see what Zito got? Didn't I read that in the Post-Dispatch earlier this month?

You think he wishes he'd held out now? $10.5M a year is great, but it's not $18M.

Yes, Barry Zito has reportedly signed with the SF Giants for 7 years, $126M. That's $18M PER YEAR. It's the richest contract ever given a pitcher.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Zito's averaged 35 starts and 223 innings a season since 2001. Let's assume that for 2007 he meets those averages. Let's further assume he throws 100 pitches per outing (why? because I'm lazy and it makes the math easy, that's why).

That's $514,285.71 per start.
That's $80,717.49 per inning.
That's $5,142.86 per pitch.

If he throws eight innings, then goes on the DL for the rest of the year with a blown up elbow, then has his contract voided, he will still make more money than I will see the next decade. Listen to your Little League Coaches, kids.

Good for him, right?

Of course, where do you suppose all this scratch will come from? TV, right? TV pays the major sports leagues exorbitant fees based on what they think they can sell advertising time for. Advertisers buy space to push products so Blue Collar Joe will buy them. Oh, I guess I'm paying his salary.

Ticket prices? We pay for tickets.

Concessions? We pay for hot dogs and beer.

Parking? Duh.

Hence the title of this post. No one is worth $18M, least of all a curveball pitcher who's been barely over .500 3 of the last 4 seasons. You'd think the Giants would have enough declining curveballers with Matty Mo on the roster.

I hope Zito enjoys spending my money. Maybe he'll let me stop by and say hello to it every now and then.

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