Monday, September 11, 2006

So who's in charge of the asylum?

Jason Isringhausen is a tough guy.

Anyone who will endure a lubricant shot so his left hip has a full range of motion qualifies as a tough guy in my book.

But as tough as Isringhausen is, something stinks in the Cardinal medical camp.

Let's look over the details:

1. SCOTT ROLEN - 2005

May 12 2005: Scott Rolen is injured in a collision at first with Dodger Hee Sop-Choi.
May 14: Rolen undergoes surgery to repair a tear in his left shoulder labrum, performed by the Cardinals medical staff.
June 18-July 23: Rolen returns from the DL and plays, but hits poorly (.207, 0 HR, 8 RBI, .264 SLG, .289 OBP, .553 OPS) compared to his career numbers (through 2004: .285, .515 SLG, .375 OBP, .890 OPS).
July 23: Rolen back on DL
August 29: Rolen has a second surgery, performed by Dr. Timothy Kremchek in Cincinnati, where his shoulder is termed 'a reconstruction zone.'

2. MARK MULDER - 2006

I attend ol' Arm Slot's start at PETCO on 28 May, the one where he turned a 6-2 lead into a 8-6 deficit (and eventual 10-8 loss). It was clear, even waaaaaayyyyyy up in the nosebleed behind home plate, that something was wrong. He was serving up grapefruit. Bellhorn and Bard go back to back? On successive pitches? The two balls travel about 1000 feet combined? These two aren't Ruth and Gehrig, folks - they aren't even Murphy and Horner. Mulder's starts from there to the DL: 6/3 L @ Cubs (6.2 IP, 5 ER, 2 HR); 6/9 ND @ MIL (3.0, 6, 1); 6/15 W @ PIT (5.0, 4, 2); 6/20 L @ ChiSox (2.1, 9, 2).

The solution? Put ol' Arm Slot on the DL, to 'rest' his shoulder, because it's weak and he can't find his arm slot.

So, 2 months later, here's how he did: 8/23 L @ NYM (3.0, 9, 1); 8/29 L vs FLA (1.2, 5, 0). Now we decide he needs surgery.

Was it really necessary to embarass Mark before deciding he needed surgery to repair his rotator cuff? With 86 MPH tops on his fastball, and he shellacking he was taking, wouldn't a more aggressive treatment plan have been in order?


10 blown saves and 'I have no idea where the ball is going' admission following the 9/10 loss at DC. Then the arthritic hip problems re-surface. Why, if he was not physically fit, was he run out there again and again?

Question and comment:

Question: Who's in charge of Cardinals medical Care?

Hi, Everybody!

Major Nelson, what's going on in this house?!!?

Boy I wish I was a real warlock. Elizabeth Montgomery is even hotter when you're wrecked...

Comment: Izzy, Mulder, Rolen - all tough guys trying to grit it out and help the team. They deserved better care, and better decision making, from their employers.

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