Monday, September 18, 2006

Do More Research

An open letter to Matt Vasgersian, my favorite Padres announcer:

Dear Matt,

Do a little research. OR re-awaken those brain cells you used as a kid, the ones that may remember the NL as a 12-team league. OR just keep your mouth shut when a 'usless information' fact is displayed on the screen.

TO WIT: Yesterday marked the 13th time this season that San Diego has beaten the Dodgers. That's a franchise record. During tonight's game some enterprising, overworked, starving intern created a graphic to celebrate this fact. Turns out, the Padres had beaten the Dodgers 12 times in a season 4 times (1976, 1983, 1986, 1989). Note that I have instant recall of this graphic which I've only seen once. Why? Because I'm a stastical dork, that's why. Just shoot me.

Anyway, Professor Vasgersian mentioned that the reason the Padres had won more games from the Dodgers this season than in past seasons was due to the unbalanced schedule. Ah, actually, no.

You see, from 1969-1992 the NL comprised 12 teams, playing in 2 6-team divisions. Under that format, teams played the other 5 teams in their division 18 times, and the 6 teams in the other division 12 times.

That means in 1976, 1983, 1986, and 1989 the Padres went 12-6 against the Dodgers.

This year (as they've lost tonight, on a Nomar 2-R HR. What a crazy game), the Padres went 13-5 against LA. Hey, check that out - it's 18 games!

Do a little research, Matt, before you open your big mouth.

The Intelligent Baseball Fans of San Diego.

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