Sunday, September 24, 2006


Two quick items on the weekend's baseball events:

Not bad for a no-hit shortstop, eh?

1. TREVOR TIME. Congratulations to Trevor Hoffman, now sole owner of the career saves record. Trevor set the ML record against the Pirates today, closing them out 2-1 to keep the Padres 1.5 games ahead of the Dodgers in the NL West. On the 'venerated Padres' scale, only Tony Gwynn and Randy Jones might, MIGHT be more beloved than Trevor. We here at the Stance tip our cap.

2. I SMELL FEET. Or the rapidly decomposing carcass that is the Cardinals. Yes, the boys in red are reeling having been swept right of Houston. Making the departure even more painful, the first 3 losses occurred in the ninth inning when STL either had the lead or was tied. Now back to neo-Busch, to play the hottest team in the league - those same Padres - who they might get in the first round if LA catches Ryan Howard.

I sense a collapse of biblical proportions playing out this week. Think Houston can't catch them for the NL Central? Think again. If they were a horse we'd have shot them by now.

Footsteps? Nah, I don't hear footsteps. Why?

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