Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Inside the mind of Phil Garner:

Game 5 2005 NLCS:

Before: "Hey, Lidge has given up one run in 2 YEARS against the Cardinals. So what if it was yesterday? Pujols can't hurt us here."

After: "Wow it's quiet in here. Hey, my little voice WAS saying don't pitch to him! Who knew?"

July 8 2006:

Before: "So Pujols led the world in HR the first half. So he was hitting HR's faster than Bonds. He was on the DL for 2 weeks. No problem."

AP HR's in 12th. Cards 7, Stros 6.

After: "Damn. Didn't see that coming."

Sep 12, 2006:

Before: "Brad's over that Oct thang. He'll bear down after hitting Spiezio. I got a feeling..."

AP 2-out, 2-R double. Cards 6, Stros 5.

After: "FUCK! Dammit Hickey, no more spicy food for lunch! That was my heartburn!"


Driving Astros Fans crazy since 1981. Hold your head high, Phil, hold your head high. Redbird Nation salutes your lack of short (and long) term memory.

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