Monday, September 25, 2006

Deathwatch, Day 6

GHHHH. Since we're about to watch the greatest collapse since the 1995 Angels, I've decided to comment on each Cardinal game until they sink right out of the playoffs.

Tonight the Cardinals continued their quest to lose the NL Central in fine fashion, losing 6-5 to the mighty Padre juggernaut. Jeff Suppan, the only reliable Cardinal starter not named Carpenter, didn't get out of the fourth, giving up 5 runs (4 earned) on 6 hits. I'm glad to see he's throwing up in his mouth after the 5 run second inning. At least he's embarassed. Everyone else on the staff seems to be going through the motions.

Of course, losing to David Wells (229 career wins) is not so bad.....wait..... oh, the Padres bullpen beat them. OK. It would have been a rookie named Matt Thompson, but Jim Edmonds staggered off the pine to hit a 3-R HR in the 4th to tie the game.

Carp goes tomorrow against ex-Cardinal hero Woody Williams.

More good news: If the 'Stros and Cards tie, the one game playoff will be at Ten Run. Fantastic. Can Brad Lidge pitch all 9 innings? That's about the only shot we got.

But wait, this is silly. No one's ended the regular season on a 12 game losing streak. Houston isn't going to win out either. Right? Hello?

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