Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deathwatch, Day 8

First, we must correct an errata from yesterday's post: Anthony Reyes was scheduled to pitch tonight, not Jason Marquis. And based on the way he pitched, thank God.

While at the store this afternoon, Mrs. Rant asked if I wanted to buy beer. Having watched the last 2 Cardinals games sober, the answer was a reosunding HELL YES. If they're going to go down in flames, I want to be comfortable during the ride. So the first few innings played out like this:

- Return from store. Padres already winning 1-0, top of 1st. Crack that beer, baby!

- Chris Young (who the Mrs and I watched at PETCO earlier this year; he took a no-hitter into the eighth) goes through the lineup the first time allowing only a walk to Belliard (he was promptly erased as Molina hit into a DP for the 1,000,000,000th time this season). Gonna be a loooong off-season.

- Already emotionally distraught, I pass out until the bottom of the 5th. Insert "You're a flipping lightweight, DAD" joke here. I need to go on a program and get some of my dignity back.

- Need another beer. What's that? Cardinals 1, Padres 1? OK, maybe I'll pay attention.

Give the kid Reyes credit - after a shaky first, and almost beaning Piazza in the third, he pitched very well. Especially considering (a) the Cardinals had 3 hits until the 8th, and (b) C. Young is one of the toughest road pitchers in the NL this season.

The 7th inning is where it started to get interesting.

After we called LaRussa on his lazy-ass managing style yesterday, Cardinal management re-grouped and decided to replace the Animatronic LaRussa with the real one. This one watched Reyes miss with the first 6 pitches of the 7th inning and removed him in favor of Randy Flores. Where was this urgency yesterday in the 7th inning? (I don't care if the real LaRussa was encased in carbonite for the past week. I'm still pissed about yesterday's game.)

The Cards successfully negotiated the 7th. In the 8th, Mike Cameron hit against Braden Looper, leading to the following heart attack timeline:

- Heart in stomach: Cameron BLISTERS the ball down third base way.
- Relief: Rolen speared the line drive.
- Euphoria: They're gonna double Kahlil Greene off second.
- Disgust: Rolen threw the ball into RF.

Looked like the 'Hate Cardinals Voodoo Doll' my ex-wife keeps was working its magic again, especially after Tyler Johnson bounced a pitch to the plate and Molina, deciding to keep his liquid-cooled hockey helmet on, couldn't find it. 2-1 Padres. Cardinals do catch a break when Gonzalez is thrown out at home trying to score on the same play.

Bottom of 8: This time Bochy has a senior moment. Linebrink has nothing, but is left in to walk 2 and get 2 outs before Meredith (who has pitched every day since August 1, it seems) is brought in to pitch to AP.
Cue the music. 3 RUN BOMB. 4-2 Cards. Free Big Macs for EVERYBODY!!!

Adam Wainwright succumbs to his idolization of Izzy long enough to allow a 2-out double to one of the 11 Padre catchers (bringing the tying run to the plate), but he retires Dave Roberts on a ground out.

CARDS WIN!!! CARDS WIN!!! (Fuck you Cubs fans - Harry Caray worked for us first.)

So the magic number moves off 5 (finally). Pirates blow a 6-1 lead, lose to Astros 7-6 in 15. 1.5 up, 4 to play. More to follow, dear reader, more to follow.

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