Sunday, February 04, 2007

Put your Super Bowl behind you for one more year...

Colts 29, Bears 17. Turnovers made the first quarter exciting, but other than that...well...Chargers/Patriots was a better game. And Colts/Patriots was a more tense game.

Some random thoughts from the event:

- Rex Grossman will take the heat for this loss. And he did throw some awful passes - which I found odd seeing as he played his college ball in Florida so he should have been used to playing in the rain. But the Bears offensive gameplan cost them this game. 11 first downs (and at least 5 of those came after they were down by 12)? Wow.

- Devin Hester is a mighty dangerous man - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought, 'Well, Ohio State scored on the opening kickoff and got their asses kicked.' after he did the same thing.

- If I never see the Chevy ad where guys are taking their shirts off to clean a car again, I'll die happy. Made me choke on my nachos.

- The Career Builder ads were the best.

- I made waaaaayyy too much chili. I'll be eating chili for about 2 weeks. Need any homemade chili? Let me know and I'll send you some.

- Prince was OK - not as awful as Paul McCartney or the Stones were, but nowhere near as good as U2 was.

- I couldn't hear Nantz or Simms for most of the telecast because my son was loud throughout - and I was much happier with his commentary on the game.

- Flat screen TV's are great! Now I need to see it with the HD settings.

Anyway, that's it - 10 days until pitchers and catchers report. Woo Hoo!

Update [2/5/07 1300] : I remembered a few more things I wanted to point out from the game:

a. Peyton Manning is a big fat pussy. To wit: (1) after the horrific handoff to Addai (or was it Rhodes?) that turned into a fumble recovery for the Bears, Manning made NO EFFORT to cover the ball. I swear he ran away from the contact. At least when the Sex Cannon fumbled he tried to dive on the ball, contact be dammed. (2) after pitching the ball to Rhodes (or was it Addal?) on his 'scramble' in the third quarter, he stopped. Normal people would have tried to throw a block for the guy with the ball. Or kept it and tried to make some yardage. But apparently Laser Rocket Arm is made of porcelain.

b. I'd like to send a personal shout out and thank you to Hunder Smith for muffing that extra point hold, and Adam Vinateri for missing the field goal at the end of the half. I had 6/4 as my numbers. And a cooooool $200, if you please...

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