Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dean Spanos hates San Diego

Before we get to today's trivia question, some minor news:

Norv Turner is interviewing for the Chargers open head coaching position (as is Rex "I'm not Buddy" Ryan and Mike Singletary).

Norv Turner.

58-82-1 in two disappointing stints as a head coach (Redskins, Raiders).

This is the guy the Chargers will hire. It makes sense - Norv Turner possesses the requisite characteristics to keep the Spanos' tradition of winning teams in SD intact. Unfortunately, the Coronado Bay Bridge will be shut down due to the number of former fans high-diving into the sparkling waters below. That would keep many thousands of sailors from reaching their work stations/ships at Naval Air Station North Island. Our Armed Force readiness will be seriously affected, meaning the terrorists will have won.

The Secretary of Defense must step in and prevent Norv Turner's hire. Our War on Terror depends on it!


On to the trivia post: Since I post at night (after work and once Little Dirka is in bed), I will post a question on Sunday-Thursday nights. That way (a) West Coast readers get first crack at the question, and (b) East Coast afficionados can check it out with their morning coffee/bloody mary/bong hit. Other items of interest:
- Correct answer will be posted with the next trivia question.
- First commenter with the right answer will be credited alongside the question.
- I will try to make the questions harder as the week goes along.
- There will be no theme to the questions - that's too much work and I'm tired.
- Questions won't just be about the Cardinals (although most of them probably will).

So here we go:
Who was the last professional baseball player to hit .400? (Hint: It ain't Ted Williams).

Answer Monday.

And I STILL don't have my GIGANTOSAUR jersey!

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