Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sure the catfight will surface on YouTube shortly

Marty Schottenheimer got canned today.

This is why I'm glad I'm not a Chargers fan. Only an organization completely inept could screw up this horrendously. At least with the Cardinals and the Lions you EXPECT them to suck because their ownership/leadership was inept. But the Chargers tempt fans (like the Sirens of Greek mythology) with promising players and good records, only to piss it away.

Must be something in the Mission Valley water that makes everybody hate each other (a la Bobby Ross and Beathard), not talk to each other (Smith/Schott) or just plain crazy (Alex Spanos).

You mean to tell me that, with all that money laying around courtesy of the NFL, and all that talent on the roster, AJ Smith and Schottenheimer couldn't find a way to get along? What a pair of babies (a term my focus group (Mrs. Rant) informed me was least likely to get me sued).

14-2 last year. Yes, they laid an egg in the playoffs, but 14-2! And 12-4 two years ago. Apparently that couldn't breed at least a tacit working relationship, if not respect.

Not to mention that their two major coordinators are now coaching the Dolphins and Cowboys. Which means a new offense for next season, replacing what was one of the most dangerous in the league.

So how do you find a coach to take over for a guy who put up the best record in the NFL? At this late juncture. With most of your assistant coaching jobs open. And with precious little time before the draft. What's his expectations going to be? 13-3? Lost in the AFC championship game? See ya.

And where the F**K is my GIGANTOSAUR jersey!?!?!?!

Effin bastards.

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