Thursday, February 22, 2007

What a week.

Well now Mrs. Rant is sick. So this will be another short post.

I'm lucky my body treats infection the same way Jason Kidd treats his wife. Minus the frolicking with other bacteria/viruses, of course.

SI has a nice article on spring training this week. I had heard rumors that the Dodgers were contemplating moving from Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL, to Arizona, ostensibly as a 'cost-saving measure'. Never mind they had one of the best complexes in Florida, and all the history that echoes through there. Looks like they're moving to Glendale (home of the Pink Taco, er, University of Phoenix Stadium) starting in 2009. What a crock.

One of the best things about the Submarine Force (hey! Two posts this week comparing events in the sporting world to the military!) is we remember our history. Whether it's by being on a boat named after a boat that served during WWII (like SEAWOLF) or talking with submarine veterans at the annual Submarine Birthday Ball, it is a tangible link to those who went before, and I believe it strengthens the force. From the article, it sounded like the Dodgers organization understood that - at least until recently. Sure, Koufax, Wills, Snyder, Hodges, and the other great Dodgers may still pass through spring training, and may still give motivational speeches; but some of the mystique is gone with the passing of Dodgertown into history.

Greed eventually ruins everything. It sure is for the 4 major sports leagues in this country.

Anyway, off the soapbox. Here's your trivia fix for the weekend:

Trivia time: Answer to yesterday's question: Bill McKechnie (Pirates, Cardinals, Reds), and Dick Williams (BoSox, A's, Padres).

Today's question: Name the three men who have played an entire season (150 games or more) without grounding into a double play. Hint: All three played after World War II ended.

Enjoy your weekend. There may be a post here following the Nova/Rutgers game on Saturday.

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