Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Some notes on the Brock Interview

Some notes/amplifying information before you listen to today's Special Edition show (if you haven't already).

1. I called in on a cell phone and it ran out of juice, which (a) qualifies me as an idiot, and (b) leads to an approximately 30-second dead spot at the 10 minute mark. So don't panic when the air goes dead; I'm back shortly thereafter to continue talking about nothing.

2. My wife says I like to hear myself talk. After listening to me discussing all kinds of odd topics for 27 minutes, I see why she says that.

3. There's a second dead spot around the 25 minute mark; this is because one of the ad agency guys called me on my other cell phone (long story, don't ask) to tell me they couldn't get through and to request assistance. Again, don't panic; the dead air lasts close to a minute.

4. Yes I am actually humming the old Tonight Show (starring Johnny Carson) theme at one point.

5. Lou comes on the phone at the 27 minute mark. The interview with him lasts just over 15 minutes.

6. Yes I do ask Lou about the MLB Banking promotion, and he answers about the Feed the Hungry in America project he was actually promoting. A slight hook up by the ad agency - they emailed me about the feed the hungry effort at 1306 (all times Pacific), but sent it to my work account - which I can't access from home.

All in all, after we worked through the technical issues, I thought the interview went quite well. I was struck by his comments regarding feet first/head first sliding, and how the game changed during his career. Also his comments about who the Cardinal rivals were when he played were interesting; I did expect he'd mention the Dodgers, since over a 6-year span in the 1960s (1963-68) either LA or STL won the NL pennant.

I enjoyed talking to him and hope you enjoyed the program.

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