Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game thoughts

- Albert Pujols signing autographs for the troops was awesome, and actually caused some misting to appear in front of my eyes.

- Stan Musial looked old. I know he's 88 years young, but that's the most frail I've seen him. They should have done a montage to remind the public just how good Musial was. It also would have been cool if the players huddled around him after he arrived, a la Ted Williams in 1999.

- When President Bush II threw out the first pitch before Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, he looked like this:

Photo from Wikipedia.org

Appropriate attire for the location and time in our history.

President Obama, tonight:

Photo by AP

I know he's from Chicago. The event was in St Louis. MLB couldn't find the President a Cardinal jacket? Or even better, a 'All Star 2009' jacket of some sort? My wife thinks I look cute naked, but I'm not throwing out the first pitch of the All Star game in my birthday suit.

- Kudos to the fans for loudly cheering Mark Buehrle (St Louis Native), Ryan Howard (ditto), Dan Haren (former Cardinal), Jason Marquis (former Cardinal), Joe Torre (Cardinal great), Zack Greinke (marooned in Royals hell), and booing Ted Lilly (Cub).

- I don't think this is an All-Star Game AP will look back on fondly, other than the ovation he got during the introductions. E-3 in the first that led to a run and extended the inning. Oh for 3, nothing out of the infield. At least he made several nice plays with the glove during the game.

- Who would have predicted the Cardinal driving in a run would be Yadier Molina?

- Ryan Franklin - Solid.

- Curse you Carl Crawford. But only this night; this weekend I expect you to continue carrying my Rotisserie League Team.

- Its hard to win when you get one hit after Fielder's ground-rule double in the second inning - and that hit could have been called an error.

- The NL hasn't won an All-Star Game since before the advent of interleague play. So this is all Bud Selig's fault! Do we need a more compelling reason to ban interleague play?

- Trevor Hoffman in 2006, Chris Young in 2007, Heath Bell tonight. I decree no Padre pitcher shall be selected to the All-Star Game until after the NL wins again. I don't care if the Padres have a guy that's 17-0, with 17 consecutive no hitters and every batter retired via strikeout; he doesn't pitch.

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Deaner said...

Stan did look old and frail. I thought the same thing when I attended Stan Musial Day last summer. He did get up and speak for a few minutes at that game which was nice to see. I also agree that they should have done more to honor him for the national audience.

Obama is an egomaniac... I'm not surprised that he did something to draw more attention to himself.