Wednesday, July 08, 2009

DeRosa Injury Far Worse than Hoped is reporting DeRosa has a partially torn ligament sheath in his left wrist. So much for a simple strain and rapid recovery.

This is bad. David Ortiz suffered a similar injury last year. He went on the DL 1 June and came back 25 July (7 weeks).

Assuming DeRosa's recovery follows a similar arc, he won't be back on the field until the last week of August.

Chris Perez has been so bad for the Cleveland Indians since the trade, you wonder if the fates intervened to even out the karma.

In any case, Rasmus needs to stay hot, and Ludwick needs to continue doing what he did last night (3-run shot after intentional walk to Pujols), since the team's big bat acquisition will only play in September, at best.

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