Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mike Exits Meeting, Uses the Force to Power Cardinal Victory

Fox Sports Midwest had a live blog as part of their game coverage today. This is the third or fourth time they've done it, and although some hiccups remain, it made watching the game at work much more entertaining than just following along via ESPN Gamecast or some such tool.

Anyway, as I am expected to do my job while in my cube (vice spend time on line surfing baseball websites, although I tend to do that anyway) I dialed into a 90 minute meeting on a major aspect of my project. Unfortunately (a) this meeting was being run from the East Coast, which meant (b) it ran through lunch and (c) the start of the Cardinal/Brewer game.

So when it finally concluded, the game had zoomed right along and was in the bottom of the seventh. I happened to past a fellow fan in the hallway, who asked me if the score was still 1-0. I didn't know, but asked who was ahead.


Parra throwing a shutout? Crap. THIS WILL NOT DO.

I hurried over to the FSMW live blog and got in just as the seventh ended. I like to think my presence soothed any anxiety in the lineup, as immediately Schu singled, Ryan tripled, LaRue walked, and AP doubled in the go-ahead run. Which led to this:

(in chat: Excellent. Now let's pour it on.)

Followed by Ludwick's 3-run HR.

And this:

(From Brian Walton,, SMS_Mike, you called it.)

So by my heretofore untapped mystical power, I was able to inspire the team to victory.

Go me.

I had screen captures of this exchange, but the quality leaves something to be desired - the dialogue is unreadable as the jpeg is blown up. Just take my word for it, it was mystical.

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