Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wells Returns, Shows Finger

Anyone surprised Wells handcuffed the Cardinals bats yesterday? I'm not; it figures a guy who was 7-17 for us would make our lineup look silly for most of 6 innings.

And even with that, we had a chance to win, leading 1-0 into the eighth inning.

KFW for an entirely different reason this year.

Glad we only play these knuckleheads in a home and home vice 19 times (or 12 times, as the schedule used to be for interdivisional play before 1993).

Didn't hear much of the game - too busy feeding the little guy dinner.

Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer goes to the all you can eat diner run by the Sea Captain?

"Tis not a man (Homer); tis a remorseless eating machine."

Well, that's my youngest. Ate the Gerber Chicken Noodle dinner, BLEW threw a tub of pears, and inhaled most of a Turkey/Sweet Potato dinner. Ate for an hour. Amazing.

As you can see, not much time left over to hear the game (he's a little vocal when he's hungry and Dad's not fast enough with the spoon).

Did hear Ankiel's 6-4-3 DP to end the Seventh.

Did hear Flores strike out Torrealba in the eighth, then walk Nix on 5 friggin pitches.

Did hear the Birds go quietly in the eighth and ninth.

So far, from what I can tell, no egregious things to discuss (other than Franklin's horrible outing). Lohse pitched well.

Get another crack at them later today.

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