Monday, April 07, 2008

Er, Well, Um.....Wow

Nice start to the season, eh?

Cardinals starters haven't allowed a run in the first 3 innings of any game so far this season, and have a 0.96 (not a typo) ERA combined after the season's first week. In my wildest dreams I didn't see a start this good.

And it doesn't help that Rick Ankiel is unconscious right now at the plate. He's carrying the Cardinals, not AP. I said earlier that Rick should hit fourth behind the big guy, but right now he's hitting so well in the 2-spot leave him there. If Glaus can get his stroke back look out; this team will be downright dangerous through the heart of the lineup.

At least Glaus' defense hasn't entered a slump; that was a nifty double play he started yesterday in the 4th (I think it was the fourth).

Reyes watch: Pitched the ninth on Saturday; 2 outs on shallow flyballs, two extra base hits (including a HR to let Washington get within 5-4). I was really hoping LaRussa would leave him out there to finish it, however, I can't argue with the decision to pull him, and since Flores got Guillen on the first pitch to pop to center, it all worked out in our favor.

So enjoy it while you can; we have the best record in baseball after week 1 (tied with Milwaukee at 5-1). Your pitching matchups:

Todd "Mr 5 innings" Wellemeyer vs Wandy "Elmer Fudd" Rodriguez (I loved the comment yesterday by the Cardinals play by play guy (I've lost track of who it is) saying he always wants to break into his Fudd imitation whenever he says Wandy's name. Hilarious).

Wellemeyer (1-0, 1.80) vs Rodriguez (0-0, 7.20; ND at San Diego)
Thompson (1-0, 0.00) vs Shawn Chacon (0-0, 3.00; ND at San Diego)
Looper (1-0, 1.50) vs Sampson (0-0, 2.70; ND at Chicago)

Minute Maid hasn't been kind to the Cardinals in recent years (other than AP's HR), so if the team can keep it going there we may be on to something.

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