Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to get serious. Seriously.

Some cleanup: Cardinals win 7-2. Again, other priorities prevented me from listening to the game on XM, but boy, I wish I had seen Cincinnati's little league baserunning in the first inning. Or heard Mike Shannon's call. Must have been hilarious.

How do you get caught in a rundown between second and third after watching one of your teammates get caught in a rundown between third and home? Ridiculous. I've coached little league teams with more baserunning sense than was displayed in that half inning.

I see Anthony Reyes gave up another 2-run HR in relief. That pushes his ERA to 6.17. Yikes. He has not been good in his last 3 outings (5 inn, 6 ER). I hope this doesn't mean the focus he showed in spring training has faded. I'm sure it's frustrating for a guy who has started his entire life to be sent to the bullpen; just see Barry Zito (although Zito has been even more of a train wreck coming than Reyes; how much, again, of Zito's early success was due to that huge ballpark in Oakland?).

I also didn't know Glaus leads the NL in doubles. That's good and bad; good that he's driving the ball, bad that it may be a sign he's lost some of his power. Merits further study.

You've probably noticed I've used essentially the same title for the last 2 days. Why, do you ask? Because yesterday, while perusing my email, I noticed Dan at C70 at the bat had sent out an announcement email on the next United Cardinal Blogger project to some people.

To summarize what we're doing: 10 of us are covering the 3 May game against the Cubs. Most folks will be able to watch it, since it's apparently the FOX game of the week; I'll be listening on XM radio, since FOX insists on showing regional games of the week, meaning I'll get the Dodgers or Angels or Padres or some other weak west coast baseball matchup. We're each covering one inning, and posting our thoughts on the events that transpire. There will be links to the previous and following innings.

I've got the first inning, for two reasons: (a) I get to describe an Albert Pujols at bat, and (b) it allows me to schedule a definitive time to do this on Saturday, instead of waiting around all afternoon, a must if you have 2 energetic toddlers in your house vying for your attention.

Hope you stop by this weekend and check it out. Some of the contributors can really write, and I'm looking forward to reading what they have to say.

The people that Dan sent out the announcement to? Nobody in particular; just Larry Borowsky at Viva El Birdos, Berine Miklasz, HOF writer Rick Hummel, Jeff Gordon, Joe Strauss, and Derrick Goold at the St Louis Post Dispatch; Matt Leach at MLB.com, and some local St Louis radio and TV people.

I know Larry will check it out this weekend; if one of the others stops by, it will be the most exposure your humble correspondent has had - ever.

So best foot forward, as the saying goes.

One last item: I've added a link to Mike on the Cards in the margin. Check it out.

Until next time...

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