Tuesday, June 02, 2009

On The Road Again

No, not the Cardinals - me. From deep in the heart of Red Sox Country. The cool thing is, I've got the Red Sox game on the TV (Inge just singled to load the bases with no outs in the ninth - good luck Papelbon), and the Cardinals on MLB.com Gameday Audio.

Apparently, Holiday Inn offers the audio free to guests. Might as well take advantage, eh? Molina on third, Thurston on first, sixth inning.

Also in progress today, my fantasy team (the good one, not the UCB team) is working on the team sombrero. Yep, 0-19 so far today. Here's how ridiculous it is: I have A-Rod. Yanks are winning 12-3. A-Rod is 0-3. I'll keep you posted.

Cards just scored two to take a 4-2 lead on Stavinoha's double. Arroyo knocked out of the box. aaand my gameday audio just died. Ugh. Switching to the Reds feed. I had to do this right after Pujols' RBI double.

Speaking of the Reds, and that hit, Marty Brennaman (lead broadcaster) took exception to the scoring of AP's double. He thought, and stated on the air, if Adam Rosales' hit to Thurston was scored an error, so should have AP's. He then launched into a mini-tirade about home town scoring. I don't listen to WLW, and I don't live in the Armpit of America, so I don't know if ol' Marty gets as upset about the scoring in the Great American Bandbox as he does in St Louis, but he's out of the box.

Hey Marty: of all the things wrong with baseball in 2009, you're going to launch into a tirade about a judgement call by a guy who probably makes 1/10 of what you make if he's lucky? Go suck an egg. It's called 'scorer's decision' for a reason. Do you dispute the hit, or the bobble which led to the play being scored a double? Sounded like a clean hit on the radio. Have you not been paying attention to AP's season? He's stealing bases, taking the extra base, and legging out hits. Maybe, just maybe, you should give the benefit of the doubt to the guy who will watch 4 times as many Cardinals games as you will when it comes to scoring.

AP's double is up on Gameday.com. There were 2 out; Oquendo was waving Schumaker around even before Reds LF Nix let the ball get past him. Looks like an RBI to me.

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