Thursday, June 25, 2009

I was afraid of that

I mentioned on my radio show Tuesday, Brad Thompson had pitched well since returning to the Cardinals and joining the rotation, and that he merited serious consideration for staying in the rotation when Kyle Lohse comes off the DL (at the expense of Todd Wellemeyer).

Then I noted that because I had said that, he'd probably get knocked out in the second inning of his start against the Mets.

The good news: He made it into the sixth. The bad: He allowed 5 runs in those five plus innings, and the Cardinals got destroyed 11-0. Ugh.

Yep, I was afraid of that.

Carpenter will try to win today and salvage a split of the series.

Other news: On that same Tuesday radio show we broke the news that all 6 living Cardinal HOF will be throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star Game on 14 July. Later that same night, the White House and MLB announce President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch.

Great. The first 'news scoop' of my 'journalistic career', and I'm squashed like a bug on a windshield as the President's motorcade drives by.

It remains to be seen how the Cardinals and MLB will coreograph this; most likely, the 6 Cardinals will throw out a first pitch, and that will be seen by the fans in attendance, then the President will do it for the National TV audience. At least having the President at the game will help boost ratings just befort the game starts and who knows - maybe those folks will stick around and watch the game.

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