Thursday, March 05, 2009

United Cardinal Blogger Radio Hour

Each week the UCB runs an hour of Cardinal Talk. This has been going since, oh, about November I guess, but I've not been able to dial in and participate in any of the shows due to (a) Master's Degree homework workload, and (b) uncooperative children who don't want to go to bed. In fact, the little one has become quite good at climbing out of his crib. I swear he's going to be a BASE jumper when he grows up - the kid is fearless.

Our weekly time block is Wednesday's at 8pm Pacific. The link to the site is here.

Anywho, the stars aligned last night and I was free to dial in. Unfortunately I caught the host, Chet from 4 the birdz, slightly off-guard; I had RSVP'd as a maybe, but since I was the only 'maybe' to dial in, he can be forgiven for not expecting it. However I thought he handled it well. Josh from the blog Redbirds Row also dialed in; Redbirds Row is a new Cardinal Blog I haven't had a chance to visit yet.

Last night's keynote speaker was Cardinal farmhand Jonny Bravo. Jonny recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University and is a left-handed starting prospect, currently slated to start in Johnson City. Before he dialed in, we discussed how the spring training is going for the Cardinals, who we thought were the most surprising pitchers, Chris Duncan, left-handed relief, and so on.

Once Jonny Bravo dialed in the conversation really bounced around, and he was a champ for putting up with our meandering questions for over 30 minutes.

The Talk Radio site records all the sessions and allows downloading the files. Rather than have me try and transcribe the whole conversation, I had intended to post the audio file here, but here we run into conflict with their business model - using the site to host shows is free, but if you want the audio it will cost you a couple of bucks. So, I haven't downloaded it yet (I'll probably do that via iTunes Friday night, just for posterity; I like listening to the melodious sound of my voice - call me narcissistic, I don't care).

However, if you're interested in listening to last night's conversation (it's an hour long), follow the link above, look for the 3/4/09 edition - you'll have to click on the description button below each file to find it, but I believe it's the second one in the middle column - and you can listen to it through your computer by hitting 'Download'.

Considering I wasn't prepared, and didn't know what to expect, I thought I did pretty well; however feel free to ridicule me in the comments. I thank the participants and dial out at about the 40 minute point.

I said it on the air last night, and will repeat it here: Many thanks to Jonny Bravo for calling and putting up with our questions. Best of luck to him in his professional career.


chetthejet said...

Re-check BTR, Mike. Those downloads should be free. I've already downloaded and created a slide show with our audio track on my site. It's preloaded.

And you did just fine last night, I thought. In fact, with an hour show and no breaks, you and Josh (Redbirds Row) covered my dead air well and with excellent questions.

Mr. Bravo was quite gracious to do all that Q & A.

gforce said...

Great job last night Mike. I was hoping to have some help, and you saved our rears. Mr. Bravo helped as well, but the future of UCB will be getting all of us together as much as possible!

Cardinal70 said...

Y'all did a great job and I appreciate you coming through with our guest. Hopefully we'll have some more in the coming weeks!