Friday, March 06, 2009

Odds and Ends

Oh, there's sooo much going on right now...

Cardinals played the Dominican Republic National team (less AP and A-Roid, of course) and won 4-1. Nice. Wellemeyer started, gave up a first inning run, and nothing after that. Franklin apparently dominated in his two innings; in fact, the entire staff pitched well. I mentioned last night on the UCB radio hour I thought this team could be a 90-win one with a healthy Carpenter in the mix; beating an All-star team with the likes of Ortiz, Tejada, etc, certainly supports that hypothesis.

Cardinals tried to address their lefty relief issue by signing Dennys Reyes to a two year, $3 million dollar contract. You remember Reyes - he gave up HR #60 to Mark McGwire in 1998. Reyes has been a very good left handed reliever the last 3 years. So, he's got that going for him.

A-Rod has a cyst on his hip. That's going to really mess with my AL only fantasy baseball league. Anyone got a spare 3B they can trade to New York? Think the Yanks would take Freese for Sabathia straight up - and pay, oh, $110 million of his salary?

Manny signed with the Dodgers - for the terms he wanted at the beginning. Two years, $45 mil, option to opt out after the first year. Why, again, did we go through all the nonsense between the end of the season and now?

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