Wednesday, May 07, 2008

If anyone has a video link...

To either of Ankiel's two throws last night, please email me or post a comment. I can't find one, and I really, really want to see them.

Boy what must it have been like to be at the last 2 games at Coors? First Pujols' mad dash, then the Rick Ankiel Show. Wow.

I hope they're still playing that well when they hit the West Coast in 2 weeks.

I'd have that look too if I had the game he just did (AP Photo/David Zalubowksi)

[Update 1124: I found the video on, but it WON'T PLAY ON MY WORK COMPUTER! AARGH!!]

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Cardinal John said...

Try going directly to the video page. And don't click ANYTHING once you get there. I've had problems loading the video after I've tried to adjust my volume. Also be sure that you have the proper add-ons. (I use firefox).