Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cardinals Pummel Padres 8-2

A good friend of mine offered me last-minute tickets to the game. With regret, I had to turn him down.

Boy, what I missed.

If I ever need a photo of a half-hearted effort, I'll use this one:

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi

That's as high as Hairston could get? I can jump higher than that, dude.

And thanks for challenging Pujols - two HR. The one off the Western Metal Building was a moon-shot, and his eighth inning effort was gone when he hit it. Beautiful.

Just three other comments:

- Brian Barton had by far the worst AB I've seen in a long time with the bases loaded in the seventh. Caught looking at three fastball strikes in a row? Come on, Brian. How can you be sitting on an off-speed pitch in that situation? I was always taught to look fastball and adjust - it's easier to slow down your bat to meet a breaking ball than to speed it up after a fastball. And the 0-1 pitch looked really, REALLY fat to me (in perfect position to see it, 10 miles from the game on my couch, of course). Strike 3 was a tough pitch, but that 0-1 pitch? Wow. You got to swing in that situation, don't you?

- Love Russ Springer's beard. The first thing I thought of was "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo, except Shaggy doesn't have a full beard like that. Grizzly Adams, perhaps?

- You may have heard about the explosion yesterday in downtown SD. The Hilton that's under construction which suffered the blast is right across Harbor Drive from the Ballpark. It, as you migh expect, was the lead story on the late news, and has been blamed on a slow gas leak in a machinery room; apparently the leak had been present for a while, for it filled the room and then something sparked it. 14 injured, 3 seriously (second and third degree burns). Keep them in your prayers, please.

Maddux tonight. The Padres look like a beaten down team.

Post-script: The hot topic this morning? Edmonds' catch. Now the wagging tongues are saying, why didn't we give him a longer look? Hilarious. Also, Kevin Towers is pretty pissed off about his team's effort; stand by for more knee-jerking from the left coast.


Cardinal70 said...

I agree, I was a little disappointed in Barton's at-bat. I don't know if the book is out on him or he needs more ABs.

Mike said...

He looked awful in Tuesday's game as well. The Padres are pounding him with hard stuff away, off the plate and down. He's taking really weak hacks at that pitch and not making contact. Looks like there's a book out and he needs to adjust.