Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ever want to ask a GM a question?

No news on the Cardinals since Miles was re-signed. I'm recording 60 minutes tonight, so I haven't seen Clemens' interview; that discussion will have to wait until another time.

I wanted to pass along to everyone some info you might find interesting.

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is an organization for anyone who likes reading/talking about/arguing over baseball history and baseball-related topics. There are chapters across the country, including the Bob Broeg Chapter in St Louis and the Ted Williams Chapter here in San Diego, to which I belong.

Yes, it is a good fit for me.

We have 2-3 meetings a year, and our first meeting for 2008 is coming up at the end of January. Although not officially announced yet, I can say on good authority that Paul DePodesta, late the GM of the Dodgers and currently a Special Assistant for Baseball Operations for the Padres, will be a keynote speaker. Which brings me back to the title of this post.

We (the paying public) rarely get to speak directly with someone in a baseball front office. Here's your chance, loyal reader, to do so. If you have a burning question (of a general nature; remember, he works for the Padres, not the Cardinals) that you've always wanted to ask a GM, email it to me at between now and 21 January. All reasonable questions will be accepted and I will attempt to get Mr. DePodesta to answer as many as I can. I can't guarantee that he'll field all the questions, but I can guarantee I'll ask as many as I can get away with.

I will post the results of the meeting and the answers to questions I was able to ask and get answers to here after the meeting.

Once the Ted Williams website is updated with the agenda for the meeting I will post a link on this site so you can check it out for yourself, if desired.

Remember: Can't be Cardinal-specific, and must be reasonable (I would think asking him why in the Name of God he signed JD Drew falls under unreasonable).

Finally if you saw the San Diego/Tennessee game you know the recent SoCal storm wasn't the armageddon it was predicted to be. We did get quite a bit of rain, but overall it wasn't that bad.

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