Thursday, January 24, 2008

And I'm Off by a Day

Case in point about what I described yesterday: I thought last night was Thursday night. Wow.

So a real short post tonight.

I now understand why the Cardinals went out and signed Josh Phelps - AP's balky elbow. His offensive numbers have always been amazing. To learn he was doing it with a right arm he can't fully extend is remarkable. Since most of us have written 2008 off as a lost year, if his arm really gives him trouble this would be the year to shut it down and do the surgery/long rehab prepping for 2009.

That said, anything can happen; so I'm glad he's going to start the year. But if he can't go because the pain's too great, at least we have a back-up with some seasoning who can hit for power. And a lot more power than Spiezio can.

The other note from today is Mike Matheny will be in camp as a roving instructor.

That's it. Told you it would be short.

[Update 1/25 0810]: And C70 had the information on his site the whole time. Apparently, mentally I'm orbiting Jupiter this week. I'd link to it, but my work settings won't allow it (that's another story altogether)

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