Friday, January 04, 2008

Cardinals re-sign Miles

Figures. I pay Mozeliak a compliment yesterday, today he re-signs Miles.

It makes me wonder if the plan had been to re-sign Eckstein and then sign Izturis to fill the slot Miles had previously. When they didn't/couldn't get together with Eckstein they had no back-up plan, but knew they didn't want to pay Miles close to a million dollars for 2008 (why he was non-tendered).

I haven't been paying that much attention to the free agent pool. Is SS and 2B so thin this year bringing Miles back was the best option?

Also a small programming alert: you've probably heard there are large storms headed towards SoCal (so far 1 million Californians are without power, all flights out of the bay area were cancelled, etc). Although I haven't taken the drastic step of building an ark, there may be a 'break in service' depending on how bad this really is. Please be patient.

[Update 1/4/08 2357]: Miles signed for $1.4M. Last year's base salary was $1.0M. We signed him for MORE?!?! Yeeech.

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