Thursday, September 17, 2009

UCB Stuff and magic numbers

We had a great show last night discussing the Cardinals. Dan (C70 at the Bat) and I were joined by Josh from Redbirds Row. We were also able, through some technical expertise by Dan, to play parts of my interview with :Larry Borowsky on the show. You can listen to both via the Real Audio player right over there ===>.

Last night's show is the first file, Larry's interview is the one right below it.

Tomorrow the UCB will be doing its first group project in a while, this one focused on prospects. We will present our opinions on the top 7 prospects currently in the Cardinals system. You can find a central list of the blogs participating at the UCB website.

On to serious business:

Magic Number Watch

Clinch Division: 9 (Cubs lost to Milwaukee 9-5)

Eliminate Rivals:
- Milwaukee: 3
- Houston: 2 (lost to Cincinnati 6-5)
- Cincinnati, Pittsburgh: ELIMINATED

The Cardinals are finally 'single-digit midgets'. I noticed I've been slacking on the last player to wear the number list, so here's a few catch up ones:

#11 - no one's worn the number since the end of the 1998 season. Oddly, 3 guys wore the number that year, starting with Royce Clayton, who held it until being traded to Texas at the deadline for Fernando Tatis. Luis Ordaz wore it next for a while, then worked out a number trade with Tatis; Fernando finished the year wearing 11. Ordaz broke camp in 1999 and then spent most of the year in AAA. He was traded to the Diamondbacks after the 1999 season.

#10 - Obviously Tony LaRussa's held the number since becoming the manager in 1996, and his reasons for selecting it are now widely known. The guy before LaRussa with it was the unremarkable Ramon Caraballo, who played 34 games at #10 in 1995, posting a .202./.269/.323 line as a back-up second baseman. Caraballo was released after the season, and signed by the Boston Red Sox, but he never played in the majors again.

#9 - Is retired. Enos Slaughter holds the honor. His HOF page/plaque is here. His stats can also be viewed here.

Update 3:25 PM: Milwaukee beat Chicago 7-4 today. Magic number is now 8. #8 is currently Troy Glaus.

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