Monday, September 07, 2009

Mid-Series Review - Milwaukee

We just played these guys last week, so generating another preview seemed silly.

Especially since two of the pitching matchups are the same (Carp vs Bush, Smoltz/Parra).

So, we'll just talk about Wainwright vs Suppan.

Suppan (6-8, 4.97) has had a tough year, but has been tough on the Cardinals. In his three starts against them this year he's 1-1 (team 2-1) . Jeff has been positively awful at home this season (2-6, 6.19); he's made 12 starts in Milwaukee and thrown 64 total innings, meaning he averages 5 1/3 innings a start. He's also pitched worse since the All-Star Break, allowing over 2 baserunners an inning, walking a ton of guys, and an HR an game. Hard to believe he's only 34.

Wainwright turned in his shortest outing since April 11, and gave up the most runs he's allowed since June 21 at Kansas City (5 ER). His next start after the KC game he went 7, allowed 2 ER and lost to Minnesota. I would expect him to rebound from his Pittsburgh start and get back to the form he's shown these past 2 months. Wainwright is 10-1 on the road this year (13 starts), is 2-1 against Milwaukee this season (both wins in Miller Park), and is 4-3 with a 2.28 ERA career against the Brewers.

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