Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cardinals Roll into Chicago

One interesting thing that's surfaced so far this season is the Cardinals' tendency to 'get even' following a tough loss. After losing 6-4 on Opening Day, they punished the Pirates 9-3. After losing a tough game on Tuesday, they punished the Diamondbacks 12-7. It may just be coincidence, and it is only a 2-game sample, but there you go.

I've posted a preview of the Cubs/Cardinals series over at Cardinals Clubhouse. Here's the link. It says posted by Cardinal70, but that's because I encountered a problem getting the article to post and he was able to correct it. Constructive comments are always welcome; funny comments are appreciated; sarcastic comments will be ignored, and "I'll put your name down in me book".

Carpenter is on the 15 day DL. Early comments say he'll be out 4-8 weeks. Four to Eight Weeks?! Boy that screws up my head-to-head UCB league roster. Actually that's a joke; I have no power, 4 second baseman, and Manny Parra on that team. Last week I was 1-9. I should have named my team the 2008 San Diego Padre Reprise.

I've pulled a few muscles in my lifetime, but never one that required 2 months to heal. I guess this is a function of the violence imparted on the body by the act of throwing a baseball, but wow. Seems a bit long on the recovery progonstication. Makes me wonder if there's not something else going on there.

One mea culpa from yesterday. I asked the question why LaRue didn't hit for Brendan Ryan in yesterday's article. I missed the fact that Ryan Ludwick was also available to pinch hit in the ninth. There a couple of reasons for this; one, I thought I saw Ludwick's name in the box score, and two, somehow I was convinced the Cardinals were carrying 13 pitchers instead of 12, so when 11 players appeared in the box score the only guy left was the back-up catcher. If I had realized Ludwick was available, the question would have echoed what Derrick Goold wrote about yesterday.

I think LaRussa out-thought himself on this one. Ludwick is tearing the cover off the ball right now.

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