Monday, March 17, 2008

Hope this isn't a sign of how my fantasy season's going to go

Update from the tournament of champions: I'm completely out.

Yep, my champs (1934) played a simulated Game 7 today against the 1964 club - and led 1-0 going into the ninth. But Mike Shannon hit a backbreaking 3-R HR to win the game (and the series) 3-1. Ouch. My other teams were all knocked out, too.

I currently sit in third place, but that's as high as I'm going to go. It's all downhill from here.

Oh well - only pride at stake. I hope this isn't a precursor of how my Rotisserie league will play out (we draft on Saturday).

There's a United Cardinal Blogger event in progress - we're posing some questions among 4 of us - Redbird Ramblings, C70 at the bat, The Redbird Blog, and yours truly. I'll be posting the results of my question (still formulating that one) on Thursday. Please visit the other sites - lots of interesting points being made.


Cardinal70 said...

1964 rules! Go Shannon!

(Sorry, that was my champs pick.)

The Angry Rant said...

I shake my virtual fist at you.

I also keep imagining what Shannon's call of his HR would have been.

"THERE's a drive! Get up Baby! Get up! Get up! HOME-RUN ME! Shots all around!"