Thursday, January 04, 2007

Apparently Jake Peavy has huge balls, too

Jake Peavy is a competitor. He's not afraid of anybody who steps into the batters box. Apparently that attitude carries over into real life, too.

Today Jake was to leave for a goodwill tour in the Caribbean. He was probably late - watch must have stopped - so he double parked his car at the Mobile Regional Airport to drop off his bags. Officer Friendly saunters up to him and tells him to move his car.

Jake does what all of us want to do when an authority figure is being unreasonable. He told the cop to stick it. Naturally Jake was arrested. I'm quite sure that action stopped all double-parking at the Airport. Yep - traffic probably flowed much smoother for at least 10 minutes. Or until Mr. Letter Of The Law moved on.

Must be a regional airport thing, we never have that kind of blatant disregard for public safety laws here in San Diego.

Unconfirmed reports stated the rent-a-donut is a Hispaniola native agitated because the goodwill tour was only of the Dominican Republic.

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