Monday, December 07, 2009

Whitey Herzog Elected to the Hall of Fame

On this sober anniversary, a piece of good news. Whitey Herzog has been elected to the Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee.

Obviously I'm excited by this. Whitey managed the Cardinal teams of my teenage years, the teams that left an indelible mark on my fandom and cemented the Cardinals as my team of choice. The 1982 team won it all, the 1985 team was my favorite, the 1987 team gets less credit than it should, and the 1989 team was headed to the post season too until a Labor Day series in New York derailed it.

Whitey is elected for the sum total of his managerial expertise, and success, so his years in Kansas City can't be ignored (although his year in Texas will be). 5 Divisional championships, 3 League Championships, and the 82 World Series.

A good start to the week, despite the local rain. Congratulations Whitey!

Seeing as the Winter Meetings start today, we'll keep tabs on what's happening and comment as events dictate.


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