Friday, October 30, 2009

The St Louis Rams

I'll take a break from my normal wall-to-wall Cardinal coverage to talk about the Rams. The Rams are in the midst of a truly historic season. Not only are they 0-7, and arguably the worst team in the league, but they are building quite a legacy of awful.

Since the start of the 2007 season, they are 6-33. The Lions, losers of every game last season, are 8-32 over the same span.

Their offensive ineptitude has put them in range of two records for futility:

Fewest points scored, 16-game season: 143 (1991 Colts)
Fewest touchdowns scored, 16-game season: 14 (same Colts).

In 2009 the Rams have scored 60 points and 6 touchdowns. The Colt averaged 8.9 points per game in 1991; St Louis' average currently sits at 8.6.

I shield my face with my hands and watch this team through the space between my fingers to see if they'll break those two records.

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