Monday, August 17, 2009

Cardinals 7, Padres 5

The Cardianls flat-out stole that game.

What an ugly day for St Louis. It started with Ryan getting picked off first. Then the blown suicide squeeze, which was a QUESTIONABLE decision by LaRussa at best. Then AP not hustling out of the box and getting cut down on the basepaths after knocking in the tying run. And they left 6 on through 4 innings against Richard, which would have been more if not for the aforementioned baserunning nonsense).

I wonder if the rains helped.

Lohse didn't have it. If he can't get it together against the Padres (even a Padres team that came in hot), we should all be concerned.

Most Sundays I won't get a chance to watch an afternoon game, because that's family time. So I taped it, then got the bright idea of trying to watch it anyway. Not the best decision I've ever made. However, I managed to get through the tape. When it ended I flipped the TIVO to 'Live TV'. Lo and behold, the game was still on! So I got to watch Molina drive in the tying run, and then Rasmus' bomb to win it.

Wow. For as poorly as they played, they never stopped battling and pulled it out. There's an old adage that says, you're going to win 40 and lose 40; it's the other 80 games that determine your season. This should have been one of the 40 they lost.

The fact they won is more evidence they have something special building in St Louis for 2009.

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